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  • October, 2018

    Moz, SEMrush, Majestic SEO

    Dear Users!

    Welcome new ranks from world's leader platform: SEMrush Ranks.
    Also Moz Ranks and Majestic SEO ranks were updated during this week and now all links have fresh ranks, including SEMrush
    You can see new params at each link's information.

    Best Regards,
    SeoHammerNET Team
  • May, 2016

    More SEO Data

    Dear Users!

    We added more functions for manage your links: Moz Ranks and Majestic Seo Data.
    Now you can see more SEO-data for your links and manage your projects more deep than ever.

    Best Regards,
    SeoHammer Team
  • August, 2013

    Welcome to SeoHammer Network

    SeoHammer Network is growing day by day.
    Now we're open in world wide.
    SeoHammer Net is best SEO tool for promotion sites in all Search Engines. All processes are safely and have great effectiveness against any algorithms of Search Engines.
    Let your site has great growth to the Top!


Q: What is the cost of SeoHammer Services?
A: The basic functionality of the system is free of charge (which incorporates the evaluation and selection of queries in search engines, selection of donors in promoting, budgets etc.). The fee for finding and placing links is 10% of link's price. The cost of package quality assessment of the project is: for SEO-package 20%, Traffic Package 10% for SMM-package 10%.
Q: What is the evaluation packages?
A: Packages include set of criteria for assessing the links power. SeoHammer offers 3 types of packages: SEO-package, Traffic-package, and SMM-package. SeoHammer is the first service in the market of SEO, offering the total control over quality of links.
Q: Where text links are placed?
A: SeoHammer realized text links through some link management systems using exclusive agreement.
Q: What is SEO-package?
A: SEO-pack includes over a hundred different criteria, each of which includes additional benefits compared to traditional links management by standard filters. Indexing Options in several search engines allow you to determine whether to impose pages sanctions of any filters). In addition, each page of the site on which the link is checked regularly by the presence in the index of Search Engine. For analytical data SeoHammer, calculated on the weight of the sample links, it was found that SEO-package eliminates up to 72% of substandard sites.
Q: What is Traffic-package?
A: Traffic Package includes dozens of criteria based on traffic from counters and open lists, as well as on the basis of the resource Alexa. These criteria enable the selection of sites with a stable core of visitors to the site, the constant transitions viewing a certain number of pages on the site. Given the fact that in recent years the search engines has been made a number of steps to mainstream behavioral factors, SeoHammer provides the best conditions for search and link directly to the sites who have relevant traffic and positive behavioral effects. Analyzing behavioral sites criteria, SeoHammers' analysts found that over 53% of the sites are poor and do not have sufficient behavioral criteria.
Q: What is SMM-пакет?
A: SMM-pack is an innovative development SeoHammer. Only here you can appreciate the sites and even the level of social network management. Such evaluation criteria as the presence of your website or official FaceBook page in Facebook (and even the size of the community and attendance statistics in the social networks) as well as having a blog, facebook, Google Plus button or twitter to select out before 60% sites. SeoHammer is the first in World wide web to introduce this concept and applies it to effectively in links management process.
Q: Enable/Disable project/keyword
A: When you disable project/keyword, system stop any activities. All links continue be placed and payed. If you want to stop promotion - you can delete project/keyword.
Q: How powerful infrastructure do you have?
A: We have dozens of servers in 5 European Data Centers, and have enough power to make billions of requests for check qualitiy of links.